Streamline your recycling business

With Postrack, you’re not just tracking containers, skips, and trailers. You get a tool to optimise your recycling business by doing more with what you have, accurate invoicing, and avoiding unnecessary costs. How? 

Ensure your containers are used to the max with low turn-around times and eliminate slow movers and bottlenecks.

No more availability guesswork, avoid excess capacity and know precisely when investing in a bigger fleet is profitable.

Forget about lost or inaccurate billing. Charge for the time your customers use your containers – automatically.

Precise tracking of your skips and containers boosts your recycling operations and bottom line. How?

With Postrack, you get more than located assets; you supercharge efficiency, tighten security, and optimise revenue. 

Maximise fleet utilisation​

About 50% of your containers generate 80% of revenue. Postrack enables customers to increase utilisation by 30%, allowing you to avoid investing in new containers for years.

Optimise fleet inventory​

Knowing the exact container type availability enables quick redistribution, short customer response times and ensures that unused containers are returned.

Increase and automate invoicing

Postrack delivers precise container movement and utilisation data, ensuring no invoicing is forgotten and allowing for automated billing.

"Postrack was the obvious choice to track our container fleet, meeting our rigorous battery life and system robustness criteria. Before, we operated in the dark, affecting customer satisfaction and our bottom line. Now our customers are more satisfied, and our financials reflect that."
Tom Erik Enger
Ass Direktør Trafik at PostNord

Proven, scalable and cost-effective

Postracks best-in-class hard- and software, provides easy installation, and is built for real-life harsh conditions, ensuring a quick return on your investment.

Install and forget for years

Postracks pTag4 is explicitly designed for the recycling industry, setting a new standard for skip and container GPS tracking at low cost. 

Our pTags are robust, waterproof and provides up to 10-year battery life.

Keeps you informed and helps you make the right move

Postracks cloud platform keeps you posted on container activity, identifies underused containers, finds slow movers and bottlenecks, optimises turn-around times and helps you find and recover missing items.

Get going swiftly – It's not rocket science


1. Quick install

One pTag. 2 to 4 self-drilling screws. Done. 

2. Location monitoring & geofencing

pTags assign a unique digital ID to each container, skip, and vehicle, allowing you to monitor fleet movements throughout your network, utilise geofencing for specific locations and depots, get automatic notifications, and identify idle vehicles and unnecessary journeys.

3. Use Postrack’s tracking cloud

Access a real-time digital overview of your assets and day-to-day activities, featuring instant container and vehicle tracking, smart geofencing, inventory management, and actionable business analytics.

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