PostNord improves container utilisation and cuts rental costs by 24%

As one of the largest logistics providers in the Nordic countries, PostNord boasts an impressive scale. With around 28 000 people, the company is a dominant force in the Nordic logistics sector.

Its expansive operations cover Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, making it a key player in the region’s supply chain. 

How does PostNord leverage Postrack’s technology to optimise operations and cut costs?

"Our problem was we were operating in the dark, and it was affecting both customer satisfaction and our bottom line"
Tom Erik Enger
Ass Direktør Trafik at PostNord

PostNords problem

A complex web of containers created a big problem

PostNord grappled with a complex issue. Managing a sprawling fleet of containers across extensive geographic areas, the company found it increasingly challenging to maintain real-time visibility.

This led to operational inefficiencies and spiking short-term container rentals to cover the perceived container shortage. 

"Postrack was the obvious choice, meeting our rigorous criteria for battery life and system robustness."
Tom Erik Enger
Ass Direktør Trafik at PostNord

Postracks solution

Postrack's container tracking solution gave PostNord a turning point

Postrack stepped in. Specialising in real-time positioning for unpowered assets, we equipped PostNord’s 2 000 containers with Postracks’s leading IoT solution, pTag — small yet powerful devices with impressive battery longevity.

The pTags feeds real-time data into Posttracks web service, providing detailed insights to PostNord on container location, movements, and container utilisation rates. 

"What's more, customer service levels improved significantly, thanks to real-time container departure and arrival updates. Our customers are more satisfied, and our financials reflect that."
Tom Erik Enger
Ass Direktør Trafik at PostNord

PostNords results

Cutting costs and smoother operations improve PostNord’s bottom line

The results were quick and measurable. By understanding container location and movements, PostNord could improve its operational efficiency, enabling a 24% reduction in expensive short-term container rentals.

Leading to a twofold benefit: using its current container fleet more efficiently and cutting rental costs – directly improving PostNord’s bottom line.