Partnerships & Integrations

Great partnerships and integrations are essential for Postrack and provide more value to you as a customer.

We seamlessly integrate critical business systems like Transics, Volvo Connect and Workify – providing agile, mixed-asset fleet management.


Workify is a system that has been specially designed for small and medium-sized haulage companies. Workify lets you digitalise your entire flow – from customer orders to invoicing. 

Postrack is fully integrated with Workify. 

Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect is a truck fleet management system and your gateway to Volvo Trucks digital services. It gives you access to powerful tools that let you monitor vehicle performance, plan maintenance and boost productivity – all in one place. 

Postrack is fully integrated with Volvo Connect. 


Transics International provides fleet management solutions that help commercial vehicle fleet operators to effectively and more efficiently manage their trucks, trailers, drivers, cargo and orders in real-time.

Postrack is fully integrated with Transics. 


Fleetmonitor is a total solution for telematics-based monitoring of freight assets.
We are specialised in helping companies working with rail and intermodal freight services to monitor, control and analyse their fleets.

Postrack is fully integrated with Fleetmonitor.