Partnering with Postrack

Great partnerships are essential for Postrack and provide more value to you as a customer.

We seamlessly integrate key business systems like Volvo Connect and Workify, providing agile, mixed-asset fleet management.

Powered by innovation

Postracks pTag IoT range got you covered

Our battery-operated GPS trackers offer a market-leading 10-year or more battery lifespan and provide exact data on asset location and utilisation. Our software gives capabilities and reporting tailored to the industry’s needs.

In 2013, we launched our revolutionary pTag 1 device, raising the bar for robustness, reliability, and longevity. Building on this legacy in 2021, our pTag 2 program improved technology and extended battery lifespan. Our comprehensive hardware range now provides solutions to meet all your transportation tracking needs:

  • pTag 1 4G. Our proven goto solution for most applications.
  • pTag 2. Provides unmatched battery life capable of giving more than 40000 positions.
  • pTag 300. Designed to track powered assets like trucks, vehicles and other machinery.
  • pTag 4. Developed specifically for the recycling industry’s specific needs.

Maximise value from your unpowered assets

Postrack locates your capacity

For businesses in recycling, our tech optimises asset allocation, minimises unnecessary pickups, reduces costs, and lowers CO2 emissions

If you operate trailers, we enable optimal fleet utilisation for streamlined, high-capacity operations, meaning you save money and reduce waste.

Train operators benefit from our tracking solutions that streamline scheduling, improve route planning, and optimise maintenance based on actual distance travelled. 

With seamless integration into key business systems like Volvo Connect and Workify, our tech provides agile, mixed-asset fleet management.

Postrack don’t just track your assets; we help you locate capacity, enhance resource optimisation, and drive a greener, more sustainable operation.