Cut costs. Locate your capacity

Postracks’ platform helps you use your fleet of containers, trailers, and trains to the max. Know where your assets have been, how they move and where they are. Always.

Use your assets to the max. Lower turn-around times. Eliminate slow movers and bottlenecks.

No more availability guesswork. Avoid excess capacity.

Forget about lost or inaccurate billing. Charge correctly – automatically.

Improved container utilisation and cut rental costs by 24%.

Working smarter, greener, and safer with full control over 1250 trailers.

Manage fixed fleets with full Volvo Connect integration.

Lowered OpEx by optimising train wagon maintenance based on actual distance.

Do you know the location of every asset in your fleet? No? That's money slipping away.

Using Postrack for precise asset tracking lower risks, cuts CO₂ emissions, and boosts your bottom line. Here’s the critical problems we solve.

Wasted resources and untapped potential

Idle containers, trailers and rail wagons erode profits and skew billing. Fleet expansion? Pure guesswork.

Unnecessary costs and CO₂ emissions

Lacking asset management hurts profit and planet. Inefficient planning, routing and unnecessary low utilisation cost money and CO₂ emissions.

Costly and time-consuming asset security risks

Unauthorised asset movement and theft are increasing. Reactive security measures are costly and increase your risks.

Trustworthy ? Don't take it from us.
Listen to our customers.

"Postrack was the obvious choice, meeting our rigorous battery life and system robustness criteria. Before, we operated in the dark, affecting customer satisfaction and our bottom line. Now our customers are more satisfied, and our financials reflect that."
Tom Erik Enger
Ass Direktør Trafik at PostNord
"We fully control our 1250 trailers across Europe using Postrack. We vetted multiple services, but Postrack excelled. It's not just a tool; it's an investment in smarter, greener, and safer operations."
Thomas Ström
"Using Postrack, we pinpoint each wagon's location and track its exact distance, allowing us to schedule optimised maintenance. This boosts our operational efficiency and safety standards."
Staffan Rittgård
CEO at Rail-X

Proven, scalable and cost-effective

Postracks best-in-class hard- and software, provides easy installation, and is built for real-life harsh conditions, ensuring a quick return on your investment.

Rugged hardware for every scenario

Our comprehensive hardware range now provides solutions to meet all your transportation tracking needs, ranging from: 

  • pTag 1 for most applications, 
  • pTag 2 for unmatched battery life, 
  • pTag 300 to track powered assets, 
  • pTag 4, designed for recycling industry requirements.

Actionable insights from our cloud platform

Our secure cloud platform offers complete asset visibility. It gives actionable insights with advanced reporting capabilities, including tracking your fleet in real-time, getting precise locations, setting geo-fence alerts, scheduling service intervals and more.

Postrack for recycling operators

With Postrack, you’re not just tracking containers, skips, and trailers. You get a tool to streamline your recycling business by doing more with what you have, lower risk, and avoid unnecessary costs. 

Postrack for trailer operators

Knowing where your trailers are and how they move is more than just nice. It’s essential for profitability and efficiency. With Postrack, you get a proven solution.

Postrack for train operators

Train wagon and container management is a complex puzzle that Postrack’s GPS tracking solutions simplify with bottom line impact. 

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